To see the real Justin Mysza, you have to look past his shelves of awards. Literally. Despite being recognized as one of the top talents in the digital space, to his 21 interactive developers, Justin is known more for his humor and infectious enthusiasm.

For over 22 years, Justin has created interactive experiences for some of the largest brands in the world, including Microsoft and virtually every major car manufacturer in the country. For GM alone, his team creates tens of thousands of OLA units per year.

Bosch, Dominoes and General Mills also benefited from his relentless pursuit of innovative technologies and techniques to create experiences within dynamic creative, online advertising, enterprise websites and mobile applications.

And his passion for the fusion of technology and creative doesn’t stop at the agency door. He has brought technology to art, media, culture and music production. For Justin, in the end, music is math, code is art, and he loves the way the lines blur.