Thanks for Installing Me!

Let’s complete my configuration to get started.

  • I need to know your FreshBooks API URL. You can watch the video below to see how to find that.
  • Also, if you provide me with your Email Address, I can email you if anything ever goes wrong or if my operating system is updated with great new features.
  • Lastly, for extra security, your Team Name and Slack Team URL are good for me to have.

Thanks! Let’s do this!

Complete FreshBot Install

How to Use Me

Check out this quick video of me in action and follow the instructions to use me after installing me in your slack team. If you use Slack and FreshBooks, I’m about to save you time and keystrokes! Plus I’m free. Try me!


Just click the Slackbutton on FreshBots’ web page to start.


FreshBot needs to connect each Slack user with their FreshBooks account via an Auth Token, in order to use its features.

In a DM with @freshbot, just type `config`.

Time Entry

Start entering time with one word.

In a DM with @freshbot, just type `time`.