DraftBot Privacy Policy

Information DraftBot Collects and Receives

  • We receive information about your Slack team and profile information on install.
  • We receive searches or commands to list or view player information.
  • If a favorite command or player query was saved as a favorite, we store that string.

How DraftBot Uses Your Information

  • All connections between DraftBot and Slack are made over valid secure connections.
  • We use information you provide to authenticate you and deliver message content to you and from you and your Slack team.
  • We store information and metadata about searches and favorites in order to share them with your team. Your info will not be shared with 3rd parties.
  • We don’t store the full messages or profiles sent from Slack, but only the bits that we need in order to present results back to you.

Your Choices With DraftBot

  • You can disconnect DraftBot from your Slack team at any time, which will render the commands, favorites and searches submitted to DraftBot as inaccessible.
  • If you have any concerns at all, please enter a support ticket or contact us at avikaido@gmail.com or @avikaido.