Thanks for Installing Me!

Before you go off and win all sorts of money at DFS, if you provide me with your Email Address below, I can email you if anything ever goes wrong or when my operating system is updated with great new features.

Thanks! Now go win and win big!

How to Use Me

Check out this quick video of me in action and follow the instructions to use me after installing me in your slack team. If you use Slack and FreshBooks, I’m about to save you time and keystrokes! Plus I’m free. Try me!


Just click the Slackbutton on FreshBots’ web page to start.


FreshBot needs to connect each Slack user with their FreshBooks account via an Auth Token, in order to use its features.

In a DM with @freshbot, just type MARKDOWN_HASHbae6c3e44ceacbb9a22d6583c36564c6MARKDOWN_HASH.

Time Entry

Start entering time with one word.

In a DM with @freshbot, just type MARKDOWN_HASH706360973bacd74271cb29db32a16c8dMARKDOWN_HASH.