Hi! I'm DraftBot.
Need DraftKings Data?

DraftBot is a Chatbot integrated with DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports, letting Slack and Facebook Messenger users save time researching players for their DFS line-ups by easily clicking emojis, buttons or typing simple codes. DraftBot quickly provides a list of the top players ranked by salary by sport and/or position as well as other stats like FPPG. DraftBot can also search for a player by name and reply with their individual DFS salary, FPPG, team, position and photo if available. DraftBot has planned future integrations with additional statistics, saved data, and artificial intelligence to help DFS players make better decisions.

DraftBot for Slack

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DraftBot for Messenger

DraftBot’s Features


Top Players By League & Position

Simply send me a sport Emoji or league code, choose a position or all players, and I’ll instantly send you back a list of the top 50, ranked by salary.

Search For & Get Specific Player Stats

Send me a money Emoji (or ‘salary’ code) and a player’s name and I’ll send you back their individual stats.

Coming Soon: Save Your Favorites!

I’m currently being upgraded with the ability for you to save your favorite player searches or league/positions lists. Stay tuned!

How to Use DraftBot

Check out this quick video of me in action and follow the instructions to use me after installing me in your slack team. If you use Slack and FreshBooks, I'm about to save you time and keystrokes! Plus I'm free. Try me!

Using Me is Easy!

Detailed instructions are below, but I do 3 things well:

  • Top Players By League & Position
  • Search For & Get Specific Player Stats
  • Coming Soon: Save Your Favorites!

Detailed Instructions

Get List of Players Ranked By Salary

1. Get DraftKings’ current top 50 players by any league and/or position, ranked by salary:

NEW Conversational Interface! Just Click on Emojis!
To start, send me a sports emoji in a DM or mention me like: @draftbot :basketball:. Then click. BOOM.
You can also type start,dfs,draft,draftkings to me too.

Old School Command Instructions
Simply type @draftbot list [League Code] [Position Code] or DM me just the commands.
For example: @draftbot list NFL QB or @draftbot list NBA.
For full list of codes: @draftbot codes.

2. Search player names and get their DraftKings’ salary and FPPG info:
Simply type @draftbot salary [Firstname LastName]* or DM me just the commands.
For example: @draftbot salary Aaron Rodgers.
* Please capitalize and use middle names as necessary.