BotMakers Detroit MeetUp
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Bots, Bots, Bots, Bots! With Slack’s booming bot industry and Facebook’s official launch of the ChatBot API, the next platform has truly arrived to the masses. Thanks to tools like #BotKit and other platforms like Kik, Telegram, Twitter, etc., the App World is quickly being replaced by a Bot World. Messaging platforms have all embraced some form of bots and there are now more opportunities for developers than one can imagine. Though, sometimes, for botmakers, it can be a lonely world. If you build (make) bots in or near Detroit, you are not alone! There are others like you, who can’t get enough of conversational commerce, AI, machine learning, natural language or messaging platforms and their APIs. Sometimes building a bot takes help. Sometimes, you have so many potential bot ideas, you can’t write them all down. Let’s MeetUp to discuss these, where the industry and platforms are headed, and most importantly, collaborate to build new bots, new companies and new industries on top of this technology transformation! Join us.

Join BotMakers Detroit!

If you live in or near the Metro Detroit Area and want to share insights, learn, or collaborate with other BotMakers, or simply love bots and want to enjoy them even more, please join our MeetUp group.

Sponsor or Host a MeetUp

If you would like to sponsor a BotMakers Detroit MeetUp at your company or organization’s facilities, or would like to help provide products or services of any type, to help offset any costs or make the event even more awesome, please contact us! Also if you would like to host a workshop by one of our BotMakers or staff, we’d love to hear from you too!