AviKaiDo is a Bot Enablement Company

We believe in a world in which bots make life easier.

Our Story

AviKaiDo is a new startup whose mission it is to develop tools for developers, businesses, organizations and individuals to take advantage of the resurgence and adoption of bots, or messaging platform chatbots, virtual assistants, AI, etc. Our team is currently in the process of developing EveryBot, a new CMS-driven bot platform that will allow anyone of any skill level to create, customize, and use bots across multiple platforms from one, simple to use interface. We believe the modern tech workers and users of today are barraged with a constant stream of information, stimuli and demands for their attention, so therefore hacking their lives or creating efficiencies, automating redundant tasks, and reducing cognitive overload are natural reactions to counter or reduce these daily frictions and distractions. Bots in a way, have grown organically out of these needs and are capable of solving these and so much more.

  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60% 60%
  • App Development 50% 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%
Alexander Khanukov

Alexander Khanukov


Alex has over 20 years of wide ranging experience in the Digital Marketing and Tech industries, is passionate about innovation, cutting edge technology, Customer and User Experience, and determined to bridge multiple disciplines to analyze, visualize, create & promote an idea from concept to completion. A strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial and inquisitive personality, strong leadership skills, and history of delivering world-class products and user experiences, Alex is currently focused on building EveryBot, his startup’s main product. Alex loves to learn new technologies and has the ability to transition between design, functional, marketing, strategic and/or business roles as needed.

Andre Berezkin

Andre Berezkin


Andre holds a BBA and an MBA in Finance and has almost a decade worth of experience ranging from Finance to Digital Advertising. His entrepreneurial spirit focuses on attention to detail, product quality and most importantly client satisfaction. He’s an out-of- the-box thinker, with warm but firm leadership skills which center and build on success, innovation, teamwork and strong relationships. Andre’s diverse professional experience brings out his excellent communication skills which assist with building important, long-term relationships with clients, vendors, co-workers and other like-minded professionals.

Peter Filias

Peter Filias


Peter has been working with home computers from the young age of 8, when he was bought a Commodore Vic-20. He quickly outgrew the Vic-20 and moved on to the Commodore 64. Running his own bulletin board, he made a name for himself in the local BBS scene, often collaborating with people who were 2-6x his age. Fast forward 15 years, and he’s graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. Working for various web development and technology firms over the years, Peter has amassed a wide range of IT skills, bringing to Ascend an ability to plan and implement complex IT systems that help businesses improve their efficiency, or improve their sales with launching eCommerce stores. In 2005, he complemented his experience and Bachelor’s Degree with an MBA in Information Systems from Wayne State University.